Friday, January 9, 2009

Joy, you got me started......

Well, I have often said I need to put my thoughts down, have a central place to have all that is me in one spot, links to the bits and pieces that make up Julie.

I can be free in here - to say it all. Away from the nay sayers, the negative doubters........I want to be surrounded by positive, motivated people that know they can......

Know they can succeed, achieve for whatever, love, security, or just to achieve for achievement sake.

I will succeed in my Avon business because it works, because I love seeing other people succeed, I love the feeling of being in some small way responsable for other peoples success but knowing they had to want to do it to achieve those goals, reach those heights or my assistance would have gone nowhere.

Michelle and I will exceed in our Event Planning business - because we want it bad enough and it incorporates all our skills, interests and passions.

Thanks Joy for the introduction to this hub, this center, this blog - because I needed this place, this positive place to generate it all from, to tie it altogether and to meditate.